21st July, 2016

Thomas Pons Transports Augmented Reality from Japan’s Mountains to Screen in ‘Animals: A Black & White Journey’


Thomas Pons Transports Augmented Reality from Japan’s Mountains to Screen in ‘Animals: A Black & White Journey’

Animation, Art & Fashion

21st July, 2016

Thomas Pons takes us on the production journey from augmented reality to screen for his multi-format, monochrome short ‘Animals: A Black & White...

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Jim Cummings‘ single continuous take short Thunder Road has been blowing up the festival scene and even received support from The Boss when Cummings wrote an open letter to Springsteen requesting music rights for the online release. Seconds into the film, it’s clear that praise is well placed – you’ve never seen grief expressed quite like this before.

A Scenes of Crime Officer is Plagued by Memories of her Day Job in Marcus Armitage’s Thought-Provoking Animation ‘S.O.C.O’


19th July, 2016

Inspired by his dad's work as a Scenes of Crime officer, animator Marcus Armitage examines the struggles an individual can face when a troublesome job...

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Riding the Line Between Documentary & Music Video in John Merizalde’s Hybrid Roller Rink Short ‘Cascade’

Documentary, Music

18th July, 2016

DN caught up with John Merizalde to discover how he went about immortalising Atlanta roller rink Cascade in his documentary meets music video for SG Lewis...

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Death Foretold is Not Death


15th July, 2016

“Cinema isn’t dead, it’s morphing and you have to keep looking for it.” Dr Neil Fox challenges those bemoaning the death of cinema to expand their...

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Celebrating Camera Nostalgia in Andrea Barone’s Neon Fantasy Fashion Short ‘POLAROIDREAM©’

Art & Fashion

13th July, 2016

Andrea Barone shares how the demise of a beloved film stock led to ‘POLAROIDREAM©’, his immortalisation of fashion photography and the polaroid...

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Jessica Oreck puts her paper craft skills to charming using in How the Bra was Invented, the launch episode for TED-Ed’s new ongoing Moments of Vision series.

How a Lucid Dream Led Ian Pons Jewell to Create the Striking Aesthetic of ‘My Only Friend’


11th July, 2016

Music video supremo and friend of the site Ian Pons Jewell returns with his latest project - a striking promo for Nimmo single 'My Only Friend'...

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Drawing on her own experiences and the experiences of those around her, Vera Babida’s There Again illustrates the repetitive and empty cycle of clicks and swipes that has come to typify modern dating. Babida shares her production process in these making of posts.

Jeroen Houben Rediscovers the Joy of Luxury Hotel Stay in ‘Home Suite Home’

Live Action

6th July, 2016

For most of us a hotel stay is something we associate with the joy of escaping the daily grind for a period of carefree freedom where beds make themselves...

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Take a Multi-Generational Pilgrimage Across Mexico in Jorge G. Camarena’s ‘La China’


30th June, 2016

DN invited Director Jorge G. Camarena and his team to share the epic production journey they embarked on to create Porter's ‘La China’ music video...

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