A Gift for Dickie

A Gift for Dickie is an ambitious and inspiring project, which aims to provide the legend that is Richard (Dickie) Attenborough with the funds needed to make the film of his dreams (What is the Film Project?).

It’s almost impossible to believe that someone with a reputation as glowing as Attenborough’s could struggle to get funding for one of his projects, but such is the nature of the film industry. After hearing Attenborough speak at a press conference late last year, the Filmstock boys were so inspired as he recalled his ongoing struggle for funding (something Neil, Justin and most of us filmmakers relate to) a project he was obviously so passionate about, they decided to do something about it. A lot of people might be surprised when they hear the aim of the initiative is to raise £40 million in 400 days, but why not? This project almost certainly wouldn’t have worked before the dawn of the internet, but now if enough people see it, tell a friend or 10, who knows?

As the A Gift for Dickie site breaks it down:

Yes, that is a lot of money, but it is simply a target. Anything could happen along the journey to influence and effect that target figure, maybe we don’t need to get all they way, who knows. But we need a big number to aim for, and this is a ‘suggested’ studio costing for such an epic period piece.

How about this…
25 x 50,000 people
50 x 50,000 people
200 x 5000 people
5000 x 3000 people
15,000 x 1000 people
…If this happened we’d be nearly there

If you love watching films, love making films or just love the idea of being involved with a Dickie Attenborough film, please visit the site for more information and give Dickie a gift.

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