Petter Holmsen Provides a Bird’s-Eye View of How Our Daily Habits Define Us in ‘Deb in Bed’

Live Action, Premiere

7th May, 2021

We speak to Petter Holmsen about deploying a top down view to depict the ups and downs of a woman's love life in charming, bittersweet drama 'Deb in...

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Torben Loth Takes an Exploration Into Manhood and the Internal Struggle With Self in Dance Short ‘Torn’

Art & Fashion

6th May, 2021

Torben Loth explains the importance of thematic synthesis between environment and choreographed movement for his primal dance short 'Torn'. ...

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The Reids Record the 24/7 Grind of Opening a Flagship Fashion Store in Documentary ‘Cole Buxton: CB52’


4th May, 2021

Filmmaking duo The Reids talk the run-and-gun style of shooting they employed to capture the opening of a flagship fashion store for 'Cole Buxton: CB52'....

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Jin Woo Depicts the Interchanging Role of Victim-Offender in Dark Otherworldly Animation ‘SAN’

Animation, Premiere

3rd May, 2021

DN chats to Jin Woo about evoking the discomfort of familial relationships through her striking hand-drawn animation style in psychodrama short 'SAN'. ...

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Grayson Whitehurst Presents a Darkly Comedic Reckoning In Morality Spec Ad ‘Purple | Life-Changing Sleep’

Live Action, Premiere

30th April, 2021

Grayson Whitehurst discusses using a talking bear to force a hardened woodsman to face his own insecurities in his comedic, morality play spec ad. ...

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Kezia Barnett Crafts a Poetic Vision of Nurses Reborn for Experimental Dance Film ‘Nurse Me’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

29th April, 2021

Kezia Barnett describes her decision to shoot 100fps when capturing the tactility of skin for her experimental dance film 'Nurse Me'....

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