Love and Freedom Are Found On the Open Road in Thomas Vernay’s LGBTQ Music Video ‘Bad Things’


28th April, 2021

Thomas Vernay returns to DN to discuss the production of his single-take music video 'Bad Things', a romantic ode to freedom, love and the open road. ...

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Francesca Pazniokas Channels the Forced Seclusion of Quarantine in Surreal Experimental Short ‘6FT.’

Art & Fashion

27th April, 2021

Francesca Pazniokas speaks to DN about her surreal experimental short '6FT.' and how she worked with a minimal crew during quarantine to execute it....

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Henry K. Norvalls Foresees an Indifferent World of Automation in Suburban Dystopia Short ‘Life Goes On’

Live Action, Premiere

26th April, 2021

Henry K. Norvalls takes us through the gadget's eye view of automated perfection he adopted for his worrisome very near future short 'Life Goes On'. ...

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Duncan Cowles Takes a Hilarious Self-Depricating Journey Into Millenial Malaise in Series ‘Scary Adult Things’


23rd April, 2021

Documentarian Duncan Cowles talks 'Scary Adult Things' and transitioning his signature comedic style from short film to a long-form series....

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Sam Davis & Tom Andrew Capture the Longing for UK Club Culture in ‘VOID – One Year Of Silence’

Art & Fashion, Music

22nd April, 2021

Sam Davis & Tom Andrew discuss using emptiness to express the powerful escapism offered by dance floors in 'VOID - One Year Of Silence'. ...

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Jeremy McNamara Captures the Cyclical Life of a Famous SF Intersection in ‘Jeremy Fish & The House On Haight’


21st April, 2021

Jeremy McNamara walks DN through the brief time he had to capture an artist's expression of a famous intersection for 'Jeremy Fish & The House On Haight'....

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